Saturday, August 29, 2009

Free Ramadan Apps Available On Nokia Ovi Store

Nokia the world mobile manufacturer giant has officially announced in contact to the start of the holy month of Ramadan that speacial apps designed for Nokia phones are now available at Ovi store to be downloaded absolutely free. Last year their were more then 2.4 million Islamic apps were downloaded through out the worldwide. Nokia added some of very popular islamic applications in their ovi store and also updated the other application with the new touchscreen mobiles.

User of Nokia can download Islamic apps through Ovi store just to launch Ovi Store from the download folder on the main manu on their Nokia devices or they can access on their computer. This year their are also some featured applications which include the Holy Quran, Prayer Times, Hadeeth, Zakah calcultor, Mozzaker, Hajj and Umrah, cards and Quran Recitation from multiple recitors, which users can choose to download, based on their preference and in MP3 form. The new Zakah Calculator helps Muslims calculate Zakah based on their income. Read More Free Ramadan Apps Available On Nokia Ovi Store